About the Product

What is Attaché?

It is a case management system. It is a software that provides its services using a web 2.0 architecture. it only needs a server. The server can then provide services to a potentially unlimited number of users.

What can Attaché do for my organization?

Attaché provides unlimited possibilities for real-time interconnectivity between lawyers, staff, and clients. Established interconnectivity means faster communication; faster transmittal and exchange of documents and ideas; accurate monitoring of case progress; accurate tracking of documents and correspondences; smart handling and prioritization of documents and cases; real-time organizational performance statistics; and so much more. It puts its users on top of matters by making pertinent information available within a few clicks’ reach while allowing them to respond and perform the needed actions immediately.

What challenges does Attaché aim to address?

Attaché aims to solve the problem of having to use too much paper. While paper will always be needed in an organization; it has to be filled out, distributed, and routed across the building or across town. To reply, another piece of paper goes through the same process.

Attaché aims to solve the problem of clutter. In tech-oriented organizations, Attaché outperforms separate and distinct solutions by providing an integrated solution for all communications, docketing, scheduling, billing, and other management needs.

Attaché aims to solve the problem of cost. It curbs document storage costs, paper distribution costs — and in our experience, most of the time, even opportunity costs.

Who can I talk to about my needs?

You may contact us using the form provided on the site. Rest assured that we will reply immediately and will do our utmost to entertain any and all queries.

How much does Attaché cost?

Attaché pricing is structured according to your needs. We provide advanced features for a price that pays for only basic systems in other offerings. For the most discerning clients, we offer a full customization service that is very modestly priced, but at the same time, guarantees full satisfaction. Feel free to let us know what you need and we will be sure to give you more than what you paid for.

What comes with the Attaché package?

A DVD containing an authentic full deployment copy of the latest version of Attaché, along with the license certificate for your chosen package; a detailed manual; an organizational training voucher; 1-year free upgrade and full support voucher; and a 1-year warranty.

Is my data secure with Attaché?

Attaché has gone through a battery of tests to ensure compliance with the latest Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) security guidelines. It is also constantly updated to make sure it is abreast with the latest security patches and new standards.

All data contained within Attaché is encrypted using proprietary technology and is inaccessible to non-unique-license holders, including the developers themselves. This ensures that your data is visible to you and you only.


What hardware will run Attaché?

To ensure stability and reliability, we recommend running it on at least a server-type computer with at least 8GB of RAM and 300GB of hard disk space.

What software is required to run Attaché?

Attaché will run on Windows, Linux, Unix, Mac OS, or Solaris; along with any database system that is supported by Java — Oracle, MySQL, MS SQL, Postgres, or even IBM DB2.

How is Attaché deployed?

We can deploy remotely to anywhere with internet access. We can work alongside your IT personnel to determine the best way to deploy Attaché, or we can send our best engineers on-site to work with you.


How do we upgrade our Attaché?

Attaché is upgradeable using remote packages that we can send automatically to your server. If you prefer physical installation, we can also send DVDs of the latest patches for easy deployment to your server, or our engineers can go to your office in person.

How do we get support for our Attaché?

Attaché deployments come with 1-year full support. To renew support, you may contact your specially assigned Account Manager to discuss the best options available for you.

How do we maintain our Attaché?

Our engineers perform routine maintenance on your Attaché deployment whether remotely or on-site. We also offer certification packages for your own IT department, for long-term support, should you choose to maintain Attaché internally.