Attaché is a case management tool that simplifies and hastens administrative work by efficiently organizing case records, quickly providing case details, efficiently monitoring case events, and effectively captures workload and summary reports. Consequently, Attaché empowers its users to make informed decisions and take action on urgent matters in an efficient and timely manner.

Work smart

Define your winning strategy and automate case actions and tasks. Attaché understands that a counsel’s time is sometimes better spent formulating strategies and tactics that turn the tide of battle. To afford the counsel with the needed leverage, Attaché offers automation.


Your success in sight

Stay on top of matters by managing cases, their items, and assign tasks and schedules for swift execution. In the daily grind of the practice, there are times when the lawyer has to think on his toes and act swiftly on urgent matters. Time-critical tasks such as petitions/motions for restraining order sometimes require masterful orchestration and quick mobilization of the grandest scale.


Always available – anytime, anywhere

Attaché can be accessed remotely and securely from any internet-capable device. Whether at home, on vacation, or on-the-go, your practice is just a URL away. The practice follows the lawyer wherever he/she goes. Whether in the court or out on a legal mission – or even in social events – each turn presents an opportunity for new ideas, strategies, and clients.


The ace up your sleeve

Attaché gives you multiple perspectives and opens new doors for insight with its birds-eye views reporting mechanism. Effective strategies rely heavily on accurate information. However, even just data gathering can be time-consuming and difficult, especially when dealing with years worth of records.