Work smart

Define your winning strategy and automate case actions and tasks.

Attaché understands that a counsel’s time is sometimes better spent formulating strategies and tactics that turn the tide of battle. To afford the counsel with the needed leverage, Attaché offers Case Action automation. This technology jumpstarts procedure and significantly speeds up case and matter-related tasks by allowing for pre-defined checklists that support automation of document creation (through pro-forma templates), task distribution, and schedule management.

Define your winning strategy through an interface that is designed to accommodate almost any matter-related item. Create unlimited templates for legal procedure; Set meetings, define documents for construction, mark people to communicate with, synchronize schedules, and distribute tasks. Moreover, you can automate the creation of documents based on the kind of correspondence received from the court or the opposing party. You can also set meetings to be automatically created whenever you receive a court memo or notice. All these while having the ability to monitor task-level and case-level progress so you can change tactics should the need arise.