Your success in sight

Stay on top of matters by managing cases, their items, and assign tasks and schedules for swift execution.

In the daily grind of the practice, there are times when the lawyer has to think on his toes and act swiftly on urgent matters. Time-critical tasks such as petitions/motions for restraining order sometimes require masterful orchestration and quick mobilization of the grandest scale. In execution, dependencies abound and coordination has to be done in sync with an instant plan.

In playing complicated legal symphonies, Attaché understands the need for the maestro to have command of each of the pieces. To fulfill this need, Attaché puts you on the podium, giving you a clear view of the matter at hand. The color-coded and categorized dashboard highlights what needs to be done and within a few clicks, gives you control over execution. Find the right document, whether by name of party, counsel, judge, type of case, or any other available information through the intuitive search interface. Point your baton at quick task assignment for speedy execution of tasks. Wave at the messaging tab and have an impromptu meeting with your associates. Get everyone on the same plan by sharing documents and items through the collaborative interface. Begin the symphony and keep it playing by synchronizing schedules through the shared calendar. Go back to the dashboard and see your symphony unravel according to your expert direction.

Attaché puts you in a perspective where you see your composition playing perfectly amidst the chaos. With Attaché, you are always on top of matters.