The ace up your sleeve

Attaché gives you multiple perspectives and opens new doors for insight with its birds-eye view reporting mechanism.

Effective strategies rely heavily on accurate information. However, data gathering can be time-consuming and difficult, especially when dealing with years worth of records.

Attaché understands how tedious and rewarding data collection can be. To facilitate this, Attaché enables real-time data gathering and analysis. Every document, event, and task is continuously indexed to ensure that you receive the information you need to formulate that winning strategy.

View case and task load by team or by individual counsel for optimum case assignment. See historical data and trends on clients, courts, and counsels. Drill down further to view success ratios. On a higher level, see your most effective strategies spread across an unlimited number of past scenarios.

Attaché employs best-in-class data-mining strategies that allow you to see your organization’s best assets and greatest strengths, as well as your points for improvement. It helps you plan your hand so you can have all your aces in play.