Always available – anytime, anywhere

Attaché can be accessed remotely and securely from any internet-capable device. Whether in the office, in the courtroom, or outside, your practice is just a URL away.

The practice follows the lawyer wherever he/she goes. Whether in the court or out on a legal mission, each turn presents an opportunity for new ideas, strategies, and clients. With Attaché, you can jot down your notes, view your documents, and even log new clients anytime, anywhere. Attaché is the perfect assistant for the lawyer on-the-go.

Get updates, notifications, and instant messages on your mobile phone. Have your documents available on your tablet. Share facts and strategies instantly with your peers. Whether through a laptop, an iPad* or a Blackberry*, the experience is consistent. With Attaché, you are always up-to-speed.

Attaché is built on an enterprise-level platform. It ensures that your remote connections are secure. It inherently prevents eavesdropping, snooping, and information theft. Peace of mind comes standard.